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Raising Chickens


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The Raising Chickens class will cover brooding, housing, nutrition needs, and other vital information for egg layers and meat birds.

Who Should Take This Class? Anyone interested in learning about hens or meat chickens for personal food (eggs or meat) and/or selling to the public on a small scale.

When Does It Meet?  September 16, 8AM-12NOON

What is Covered? Purchasing Chicks/Chickens, Brooding, Housing Needs, Feed Requirements, Equipment Needed, Regulations about selling eggs and/or meat.

What is NOT Covered? This does not cover chicken processing. If you are interested in raising chickens for meat we STRONGLY recommend you also take our Chicken Processing Class (will be in late spring). We wish we had hands on expereince before we started, but alas, we had to settle for watching videos. It took us the same amount of time to process 5 birds as it does to do 100 now.

Meat Chickens

Chicken Brooder