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Reconnecting North Carolina to Food & Farmer

Farming Practices

Regenerative Farming

We are a regenerative farm, but what does that mean? It means we seek to regenerate our ecosystem by building soil, increasing water retention, enhancing and conserving water, creating and maintaining biodiversity, and by sequestering carbon.

Rotational Grazing

We move our chickens, turkeys, and cattle daily in order to mimic nature and allow the animals to impact the land minimally. We use our pigs to impact the land a bit more, root up the undergrowth and help suppress unwanted growth (invasive vines and brush).

No Chemicals

No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used on our pasturelands or in our forest. Our animals receive no steroids, growth hormones or other chemicals to promote growth. There is no regular administration of antibiotics, however, we won’t let an animal be in needless pain. If antibiotics can help we will use them.  To date we have had thousands of animals and have only had to administer antibiotics to two of them.


All of the animals raised on our farm are GMO-Free. The supplemental feed we give to the poultry and pigs (our cattle are not grain fed) is from Johnston County’s own Mule City Specialty Feeds. 

Pasture Raised Animals Ability to Beat the Heat

Just as we humans take extra steps when the heat hits so too do our pasture raised animals. We do aid the animals in their quest for coolness, but they are capable on their own. It is quite magnificent to watch each animal type use their natural surroundings to their...

North Carolina Fatback is Back

North Carolina fatback was a staple in the homes across this state and the south only a few generations ago.  Now it is becoming mainstream again as we begin to understand the role good fats (animal fat from pasture raised, GMO-free animals, for example) play in our...

REAL Life on Our Johnston County Farm

When someone says the word farm, what do you envision? Perhaps a field of wildflowers gently swaying in a summer breeze or a rustic old red barn with chickens quaintly pecking the ground in front of it. Maybe you picture large pasture with perfectly bailed hail dotted...