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Reconnecting North Carolina to Food & Farmer

Farming Practices

Our Local Farm practices a method of farming called regenerative farming.  So what is regenerative farming? It is an approach to food and farming systems that regenerates topsoil and increases biodiversity now and long into the future.  Simply put, we farm in a way that adds to the earth instead of taking from it.  This makes the food we produce beyond organic.

What does “beyond organic” mean and why does it matter?  It means the farming techniques used are ones that heal the environment, create abundance, protect public health and communities, and allow each animal to be and do what they were created to be and do. It matters because something can be raised or grown organically and still be horrible for the environment, the animal, the community, and us.

All of our chickens are on pasture from the time they are two or three weeks old. Every day they are moved to fresh pasture which offers them the opportunity to eat more vegetation, bugs and whatever other small animal comes their way.  The pigs are allowed access to all the nutrient dense wonders our woods and pasture have to offer as soon as they arrive at the farm.  They are moved to fresh padocks about every 2 weeks.  This method gives the land time to rest, absorb the fertilizer, and convert it into a lush, dense, carbon sequestoring biomass.

As we stated on our front page, we do not use antibiotics or hormones and the GMO-free grain we use is locally sourced from farms in North Carolina.

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