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Regenerative Homesteading

gmo free Pork raleigh, NC

Raising Animals, Growing Food, Traditional Skills

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gmo free Pork raleigh, NC

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We are Moving to Virginia Spring 2024!!

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Our Local Farm isn’t just about us. Customers, neighbors, friends, family, business associates, the animals, the land, we are all connected. We strive to reconnect and educate people to food, farming and traditional skills. We practice regenerative farming techniques that create soil and add nutrients to the earth instead of depleting those resources. Our homestead works with the land to create a thriving ecosystem for all that call it home.



Phil and Kimmie, both grew up in rural towns on acres of beautiful land where we developed a deep respect for the land and the living creatures on it. Originally from Mattawamkeag, Maine, Phil moved to North Carolina nearly twenty years ago. Though trained as a master automotive technician he became intrested in regenerative farming after becoming friends with several Polyface Farm associates. His desire to farm grew as he researched and studied more about our food and farming systems in America. 

Though Kimmie did not originally set out to carry on the family tradition of farming, her life has brought her full circle back to farming. She grew up on a diverse farm in Augusta County, Virginia just several miles away from the world famous Polyface Farm. After attending NC State for her undergraduate and graduate studies she worked in the Raleigh/Durham area. 

After having a successful homestead and regenerative farm in central NC for close to 10 years, Phil and Kimmie now homestead in the beautiful Shenadoah Valley. Beyond raising and growing food, their homestead practices the traditional skills of forging, wood carving , food preservation, herbal medicine, and many more.





Getting the Most Out of Our Whole Chickens

Latest Farm Updates

Free Range Chicken Versus Pasture Raised Chickens

What is the difference between free range chicken and pastured chicken?  This is a common question amongst people starting off on their journey to eat REAL food.  We want to give you the knowledge to fight through the advertising jargon to find nutrient dense food....

The Making of a GMO-Free, Pastured Animal Farm

GMO-free, pastured chicken and pork was not on our radar until five years ago. That is when we began to think, I mean really think about our food.  We were living in Augusta County, Virginia (where Kimmie was born and raised) and became friends with several people...

Bone Broth and Stock

GMO-Free, Pasture Raised Chicken Stock & Bone Broth How and why you should make Chicken Stock & Bone Broth If you had said ten years ago, even five years ago, that making chicken stock and bone broth would be a weekly routine in our home I would have said...