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Pastured eggs raleigh, NC

First pastured chicken egg. Our girls were beyond excited.

GMO-free, pastured chicken and pork was not on our radar until five years ago. That is when we began to think, I mean really think about our food.  We were living in Augusta County, Virginia (where Kimmie was born and raised) and became friends with several people working for Joel Salatin at the world-famous Polyface Farm.  We were very intrigued by the farming methods used at Polyface and started to research our food system via books, videos, and the internet.

Upon moving back to North Carolina we expanded our gardening and added a few laying chickens. We continued to study farming techniques, specifically regenerative and sustainable farming. Each season we were putting into practice the techniques we were learning. Laying hens expanded into GMO-free, pastured chicken for meat and tilling our garden gave way to deep mulch, soil creation not soil depletion.  A whole new world of microorganisms, nutrient dense vegetation, and seasonal eating was opening up to us.

Soon friends were asking us to raise GMO-free chickens for them and wanting to buy GMO-free, pastured eggs from us. Next, friends of friends started asking for our meat and eggs. In the fall of 2017, we began selling our GMO-free, pastured chicken products for the first time.  By Christmas customers that were buying our chickens started to ask us about raising pork. We decided to add GMO-free, pastured pork and GMO-free, pastured rabbit to our offerings in the winter of 2018.  In less than a year’s time we were quadrupling our GMO-free chicken production!

Pastured chicken Raleigh, NC

Our first three pastured chickens. We raised them with a few hens.

We can’t know for sure the impact Our Local Farm will have on Clayton, Garner, Raleigh and other surrounding areas, but we know we have a part in healing the land, people, and community. A passion to heal instead of do harm guides us as we take each step.