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Education and Farm Tours

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Farm School for Kids

Fall Farm School 2022

Fall Farm School 2022

The Fall Farm School differs from the “Farm Schools”  we offer in the summer in that your child will have hands on learning with soil, plants, and animals at different ages and seasons which equals more land management and animal husbandry skills. The Fall Farm School participants also get a big feast at the end and particiapte in building an object that will be used on the farm.



Homesteading Consulting

You know that now is the time to learn more, to care more, and strive towards a healthier version of what will be. Wheather you are interested in regenerative farming, starting a homestead, or learning more about a specific topic we are here to help and share our knowledge. We are excited for your next step and ready to help you feel more confident when you take it.

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Farm Tours

Tours and Private Classes

We offer farm tours for the general public as well as school groups. Each tour is about 90 minutes long and will include a guided walk around the main areas of the farm. At each stop on the tour there will be a chance for questions and perhaps a hands on opportunity.

General Public Tour: Adults $8, Children (12 & under) $5 

School Groups: Everyone $5

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 E-mail, Call or DM on Social Media to Set Up a Tour or Private Class. 

Adult Farm School

Intro to Homesteading and Small Farming

Homesteading & Small Farming

The introductory class we wish we had when we got started.

Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens

This course will cover types of chickens, housing, basic chicken care, and other vital information. 

Chicken Processing Class

Hands on training in each step of chicken processing.



INTRO TO CANNING, September 10

Canning Class

Just in time for the veggie harvest! This hands on class will cover the basics of equipment, water bath canning, and pressure canning.

Raising Pigs

Raising Pigs

This course will cover shelters, basic pig care, nutrition needs, and other vital information.