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GMO-Free, Pasture Raised Chicken Stock & Bone Broth

How and why you should make Chicken Stock & Bone Broth

If you had said ten years ago, even five years ago, that making chicken stock and bone broth would be a weekly routine in our home I would have said “why?”  Let’s face it, it is quite easy to buy stock and even organic stock is affordable. Why would anyone spend precious time making stock?

Two words: TASTE and NUTRIENTS. If you make your own stock with the correct ingredients (pasture raised, GMO-free chicken and chemical free veggies) it will have PLENTY of taste and nutrients. The stock from the store barely has color, little aroma, and even less taste. Basically, it is salty chicken flavored water. Homemade stock has a rich hearty flavor that makes everything you use it in taste delicious. The stock will be a nice brown color, have loads of yummy chicken soup like smell, and have a taste that will make you swear off carton stock forever.

The nutrients in homemade chicken stock eclipse those of store bought in every way, except sodium (which is a good thing). Now, the farmers at Our Local Farm are not certified nutritionist, so I recommend you do your own research. A cup of real stock has fat, about 2.9 grams with >1 gram being saturated, and that is a good thing. The fat is believed to be what helps us ward off that cold or get over the cold faster. Real stock has collagen and gelatin.  When you get the stock out of the fridge it will be gelatinous, also a good thing.  In fact, gelatinous broth is a very good thing, because gelatin aids digestion, helps our body use the protein from meat most efficiently, helps fight many diseases, and it helps treats malnutrition and improves bone density.  Stock will have 6 grams of protein and a quarter of the niacin we need each day. It is found to have potassium, iron, and zinc.

Again, I encourage you to do your own research to find even more benefits about stock.  Homemade is the way to go, if you have the time. If not, try to find a local farm that sells it (ours in the future). Below you will find Our Local Farm’s recipe for chicken stock and bone broth.  Happy broth making friends!