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Welcome the Our Local Farm’s blog world.  This is were we, but mostly Kimmie, share life from our GMO-free, pasture raised meat farm.  We want to let you into our world, because we want you to feel reconnected to your food and farmer. You can trust us to raise food that is healthy for you, your family, the land, the animals, and our community.  Here you will see triumphs, defeats, lessons learned, and time shared with our friends.  If there is somehting about our farm you would like to know more about shoot us an e-mail and we will write a blog post about it if possible.

Pasture Raised Animals Ability to Beat the Heat

Just as we humans take extra steps when the heat hits so too do our pasture raised animals. We do aid the animals in their quest for coolness, but they are capable on their own. It is quite magnificent to watch each animal type use their natural surroundings to their...

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North Carolina Fatback is Back

North Carolina fatback was a staple in the homes across this state and the south only a few generations ago.  Now it is becoming mainstream again as we begin to understand the role good fats (animal fat from pasture raised, GMO-free animals, for example) play in our...

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REAL Life on Our Johnston County Farm

When someone says the word farm, what do you envision? Perhaps a field of wildflowers gently swaying in a summer breeze or a rustic old red barn with chickens quaintly pecking the ground in front of it. Maybe you picture large pasture with perfectly bailed hail dotted...

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Living on a Farm Near Raleigh

Living on a farm near Raleigh is sometimes like living in a time machine.  Yes, we have a lot of technology on our farm (but not chemical pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or GMO's) and it is convenient. However, when we we make the less than 20 mile trek into...

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GMO-Free Chicken Stir-Fry

Some days Asian flair must be used at Our Local Farm. The aroma of fresh ginger fills the kitchen and the wok can be heard as soon as you enter our home. GMO-free chicken stir-fry is being fixed and everyone is happy. There are two ways to fix this meal. Easy = crazy...

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GMO-free Whole Chicken User Guide

Getting the most out of our pastured, GMO-free whole chicken is important to many of our customers. They want to know how to maximizes the health benefits of our chicken and waste as little as possible.  What is important to our customers and our community is...

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Free Range Chicken Versus Pasture Raised Chickens

What is the difference between free range chicken and pastured chicken?  This is a common question amongst people starting off on their journey to eat REAL food.  We want to give you the knowledge to fight through the advertising jargon to find nutrient dense food....

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The Making of a GMO-Free, Pastured Animal Farm

GMO-free, pastured chicken and pork was not on our radar until five years ago. That is when we began to think, I mean really think about our food.  We were living in Augusta County, Virginia (where Kimmie was born and raised) and became friends with several people...

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Bone Broth and Stock

GMO-Free, Pasture Raised Chicken Stock & Bone Broth How and why you should make Chicken Stock & Bone Broth If you had said ten years ago, even five years ago, that making chicken stock and bone broth would be a weekly routine in our home I would have said...

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